Terpen10 is a safe and environmentally friendly diluent for oil paint and also a cleaning agent for brushes. Terpen10 is just like famous brands such as Zest-it, Sansodor and Gamsol a water-clear petroleum distillate, practically without harmful aromatics.
Where others have made their product completely odor-free, or obscure the odor by adding products such as citrus terpenes, for example, Terpen10 still has a negligible smell. I have deliberately left this in order not to confuse the product with other liquids such as water.
Terpen10 is one of the safest products for cleaning your brushes and as a dilution for oil paint. Also the ideal means to use in rooms where people work with groups. Due to the lack of aromatics, Terpen10 has a slightly less resolving power than turpentine or white spirit.
Keep out of the reach of children. When working with oil paint it is always wise to ventilate sufficiently.
* A not unimportant difference with comparable products is the price of Terpen10. This sometimes saves half!

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